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Accurate Fishing Products

Accurate Reels & Jigging Rods

The Boss Extreme

This is the workhorse of the Accurate lineup and our most popular reel model. We stock the 6:1 speed Boss Extreme in 400 and 500 sizes in regular & narrow width, and in right and “true-left” retrieve.

The Boss Extreme reels in 400, 500N and 500 sizes are best matched to the Accurate BX7030C #30 Jigging rod pictured.


Boss Extreme

The Valiant

The Valiant is truly a one-of-a-kind jigging reel and has quickly established its own lightweight class. Though available in up to a "600"size frame, we stock the BV-300 (pictured) and the BV-400 in both right and “true-left” retrieve. The Valiant has a tough lightweight housing and a 6:1 retrieve rate. Accurate has truly created something special with these powerhouse reels. Heavy-duty gear has never been lighter!

The Valiant BV-300 and BV-400 reels match well to the Accurate BX7020C #20 Jigging rod pictured below.


Accurate Valiant 300

The Accurate History

The history of Accurate Fishing Products. From our humble beginning making gaffs to progressing on to our current line of amazing TwinDrag reels. See how our 3rd generation - family owned company proudly makes quality, precision-made fishing reels in the USA and the passion that got us here. The twins in Twin Drag, David and Douglas Nilsen, proudly present the history of the Accurate Fishing Products company.