Eastfield Predator Tackle

Eastfield Lures got their start making handmade lures for Northern Pike fishing. The designs were imaginative & different and caught big fish like mad. Everyone who saw the lures or even heard about them wanted them. It quickly exploded into full-scale production of several models in plastic and wood and now they manufacture both in Sweden and abroad.

The snapshot here shows the first examples of the now-famous Wingman Curly on their way from Asia to Scandinavia (First Class of course). Eastfield lures are highly developed, serious Pike lures weighing up to 200 grams rigged. They are among the hottest lures available for the largest predatory fish in Scandinavian waters.

Curly Travel

Slingshot & Catapult

Once Eastfield Lures was firmly established in the Nordic market, they began to think about rods and Reliant fishing got the opportunity to participate in the project. We've worked with Eastfield over the last few years helping them with development and production. The results have been super rewarding. The first two rods are built for "multiplier" or levelwind reels. These are not your average baitcasting rods... The 7'9" Slingshot handles lures in the 40-110gr class and the 8'2" Catapult has a lure weight range of 60-150gr. These rods hit the market in the Autumn of 2015 and the response from the field has been uber positive. The initial production run sold out in one month and we've since delivered hundreds and hundreds to happy Pike anglers!

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More Information

Success is sweet and the Eastfield Lures company has grown three-fold in a year. The boys are just getting started. A spinning or fixed-spool version of the Slingshot (Slingshot Spin) and a 9'2" variation of the Catapult (Ballista) were introduced in 2017 along with the hugely successful Weksell signature model. They are also working on a heavy-duty stick classed up towards 300 grams. For more info about Eastfield and to see a gallery of their fishing photos etc. follow them at: Eastfield Lures