Epic Fly Rods

Glass is not Dead

The truly unique Epic Fly Rod offers an imaginative alternative to the norm in an industry flooded with more and more of the same old technology. The guy running the show at Swift is one of the world's great fly casters and used to be pro-staff for one of the industry giants. He finally got fed up with trying to keep up with all the "new" models and innovations coming out each year while watching the quality steadily decline at the same time. He formed Swift with the idea to do it right and sacrifice nothing along the way.

Studio-built Epic fly rods are made one at a time at the Swift Fly Fishing Company in New Zealand. These rods are beautiful, strong, light and above all a blast to cast and fish with. This is not the old fiberglass rod, but a marvel of modern technology wrapped up in a very tight package by the folks at Swift.

Now it continues to move forward at Swift! In 2018 Epic glass fly rods will be available constructed in ZenTron® fiber and in a standard version produced in the world's leading fly rod factory. Initially there will be three models in ZenTron® glass; the 476, the 580 and the 686. The Standard series will initially include Carbon Fibre (graphite) models 590, 690 and the two-handers. Heavier salt models will follow later next year

Swift Epic Flyrods

New from Swift!

Swift has recently added a new manufacturing process and is now delivering Carbon Fibre fly rods built with the most advanced Silica Nano Matrix adhesive layup available today.

Five new rods are out now; the 590C, the 690C and three 13' double-hand models from #5-#8. All are painstakingly crafted from the finest Carbon graphite and the highest quality components.


More Information

The new Silica Nano Matrix Carbon Fibre rods are already killing it. In addition to these and the new, high-performance/hi-speed glass rods in ZenTron®, Swift has introduced the hubless Lunar flyreel in a limited edition to much acclaim. More models will follow soon.

Aside from being unique, Swift gear is extremely functional and a blast to fish with. Why spend your hard-earned money on ordinary gear when you can have something special? Soon you'll be able to find it in your local fly shop.

Reliant Fishing works with Swift products as their agent in Scandinavia. The Epic Standard series will be available in 2018. For information regarding the dealer program please shoot us an email at: info@reliantfishing.com

For complete information about Epic studio built fly rods, Epic fly rod kits, Epic fly rod blanks, Epic fly lines, accessories & other nice stuff (and the Swift Fly Fishing company in general) please follow the link to: swiftflyfishing.com